Our vision is to help individuals & organizations build a culture that works for everyone through support and inviting accountability using restorative practices. On The Journey walks with those seeking to address harm and create spaces where everyone can flourish.

The restorative way is rooted in Indigenous communities around the globe. It is a relationship-centered approach recognizing that all things are bound together, all things connect. It recognizes that centering relationships is the foundation for building connection and connection builds trust. Understanding and change come as trust is built. Restorative practices model a framework of connection, trust, and accountability that invites persons to share their authentic selves.

We invite ourselves and others to accountability by embracing humility, openness to different understandings, and taking direct action to address harm. We offer support to process the unfamiliar & uncomfortable.

Collaboration is vital to building a culture that works for everyone. We are taking steps to join and invite others to co-create spaces where everyone can flourish.